Unknown Identity


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“And once again i saw a nightmare. I thought i just get killed in my dreams. But they’re killing me in reality. These thoughts, these dreams, they’re always in my head. And I wish i could escape from reality.¬†Drowned in a sea of chaos, this tortured brain of mine is still conscious enough and this caged heart of mine is still sensible enough. My brain and my heart are like two wild creatures. The brain always has a point of view different from that of my heart and i’m stuck in between. I’m lost constantly following my heart as well as my brain. I lost my true personality. The one i used to be and was proud of. I can feel my soul grow soul-less as the days tick by. I don’t know what to listen to. I don’t know who to trust. I trust no creature that’s not mine and i don’t own demons dressed up like humans.”